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This is a 3 part article written by Glyn V. Farber and appeared in the TAMS Journal June 1997.

Tokens issued by Menter & Rosenbloom in the early 1900s were presumably used to provide a discount to potential new customers or to reward a good customer.

Whatever the reason, it was a practice used by many merchants of the time. Like a business card today, the tokens reminded customers to return to Menter and Rosenbloom for that next purchase. As with paid advertising in local newspapers and city directories note the terms “Cash or Credit.”

A typical token is shown below and described here. Each Menter & Rosenbloom token is identical, except for the address.

Menter & Rosenbloom Youngstown, Ohio

Menter & Rosenbloom Youngstown, Ohio


The following is a list of known Menter & Rosenbloom Co. tokens. The year following the address is the first year this address appeared in city directories and the last, if known. In many cases Menter & Rosenbloom were in business prior to this date at another address and may have existed for many years as The Menter Co. after the second date.

Note the new address date of the South Bend, Indiana; Terre Haute, Indiana and Kalamazoo, Michigan stores. 1910 is the first year that Menter & Rosenbloom appeared in city directories at this address. The Menter & Rosenbloom tokens certainly were issued between 1910 and 1912. 1912 was the last year of this company due to the death of Max Rosenbloom and reorganization of Menter and Rosenbloom Co. to The Menter Co.

  • Denver, CO 1629 Stout St. 1902 / 1912
  • Pueblo, CO 420 N. Main 1912 / 1913
  • Indianapolis, IN 120 N. Pennsylvania St. 1906 / 1912
  • South Bend, IN 131-133 S. Michigan St. 1910 / 1911
  • Terre Haute, IN 815 Wabash Ave. 1910 / 1911
  • Detroit, MI 59 Monroe Ave. 1901 / 1912
  • Kalamazoo, MI 201 N. Burdick St. 1910 / 1912
  • Duluth, MN 122 Superior St. (unknown)
  • Omaha, NE 1508 Dodge St. 1903 / 1912
  • Albany, NY 21 N. Pearl St. (unknown)
  • Syracuse, NY 237 Fayette St. 1904 / 1912
  • Canton, OH 217 W. Tuscarawas St. 1905 / 1912
  • Youngstown, OH 128 E. Federal St. (unknown)
  • Chattanooga, TN 605 Market St. (unknown)
  • Wheeling, WV 1213 Market St. 1907 / 1912

Approximately seventy-five stores were opened from 1900 to 1912. Other tokens were likely issued by Menter & Rosenbloom. Stores in Birmingham and Mobile, Alabama; Little Rock, Arkansas; Atlanta, Georgia; Rockford, Illinois; Evansville and Fort Wayne, Indiana; Wichita, Kansas; Louisville, Kentucky; New Orleans, Louisiana, Grand Rapids and Saginaw, Michigan; Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota; Kansas City, Missouri; Springfield and Toledo, Ohio; Knoxville, Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee; and Galveston, Texas are known and could have issued the above tokens.

Many other stores have not been found or reported to date. Stores in New Jersey and Pennsylvania along with other cities in states already mentioned are very likely to have issued these tokens. Interestingly, no Menter & Rosenbloom tokens exist today in any large quality and are considered to be very rare.

Menter & Rosenbloom advertisement

Menter & Rosenbloom Rochester, NY

Other Menter & Rosenbloom or Menter Collectibles include mirrors, key ring tags, charge coins, pocket calenders and “Good For” encased cents. Mirrors from Menter & Rosenbloom stores in Indianapolis, IN, Evansville, IN and Dubuque, Iowa are known. The Indianapolis mirror was made by F. F. Pulver Co. of Rochester, New York, indicating that advertising was controlled by the general office. On page 22 of Ed Dence’s catalog , “A Visual Guide To Store Charhe Coins” is a charge coin from Springfield, Ohio. Encased cents are known with 1949-D, 1950-D and 1953-D pennies. It is not known which stores issued them. Only the Minneapolis, Kansas City and Albany stores were open in the early 1950s.

1953-D Menter Encased Cent
1953-D Menter Encased Cent