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Tokens were used as deposit checks primarily by and Restaurants in much the same manner as the bottle deposit checks used by dairies. When a customer bought a soft drink, he also paid a deposit (usually five cents) and received a token. When the empty bottle was returned with the token, the patron would be refunded his nickel. This would prevent people from bringing in a large number of bottles.

A type of token used primarily in the New Orleans area was a 2½¢ denomination known locally as a “quarti,” also spelled “quartee.” This name likely comes from the fact that the value was one-tenth of a quarter.

These were used in many types of businesses such as restaurants where the product such as poor boys and plates of red-beans-and-rice were priced at two for five cents. Unfortunately, most of these quarti bear only the initials of the issuer, making a definite attribution difficult if not impossible.

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