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Louisiana Cotton and Sugar Plantations used tokens in the same way Lumber Mill’s used tokens, through their commissaries. Many plantations were in isolated areas and often constituted most if not all of the community. Tokens were predominately used by plantations owners either to pay employees or to grant workers an advance against future wages. In addition, many cotton planters would grant their sharecroppers their monthly allowance in tokens.

These tokens were good only at the company commissary (or in some cases a local General Store with which the industry had an agreement) and would be redeemed for cash only at specific times. As with lumber workers, plantations workers would sell the tokens to other merchants or individuals at a discount. In an effort to prevent this, many owners placed “not Transferable” on their tokens.

Guildive Plantation - Klotzville, LA
Dr. E. P. Dugas
Guildive Plantation
Klotzville, LA

Island Plantation
M.R. Jackson
Island Plantation
Wakefield, LA

Star Plantation
Kessler Bros.
Star Plantation
Klotzville, LA

Youngsville Sugar Co.

Good For 10 cents In Trade

Youngsville Sugar Co. Youngsville, LA

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