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Dunklin Bros.  – Spiro, Oklahoma

There are two very good books on the subject of Oklahoma Tokens Trades. Published in 1978 the “Catalog of Oklahoma Tokens by Lloyd C. Walker is a great token book. A new book on Oklahoma Tokens called “Oklahoma Exonumia” by R.W. Chadwick covers Oklahoma monetary substitution, including “Good For” tokens, Medallions, Coupons, Maverick & Fantasy tokens.

The popularity of Oklahoma Tokens is very great. Mainly due to the variety, such as trade tokens ($2.00 to $10.00), coal tokens ($5.00 to $10.00), saloon tokens ($25.00 to $100.00 or more), Indian Territory tokens, Oklahoma Territory tokens and the most popular of then all, Oklahoma Territory Good for Mirror’s. These Territory tokens demand very high pices. Be aware of some fakes from Ada, OK.

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Fakes and Fantasies from Oklahoma include tokens from the following towns and merchants. Ada, Ok – Ada Mercantile Co., Apple, OK – Joe’s Gro, Bengal, OK – J.H. Butler, Bliss, OK – 101 Ranch Store, Camp Supply, OK – Lee & Reynolds, Cherokee Strip, OK – Badger Trading Post, Dow, OK – OK Trading Post, Eagletown, OK – Lee’s Trading Post, Ft. Arbuckle, OK – Ft. Arbuckle Post, Ft. Cobb, OK – Fort Coffee Post, Ft Gibson, OK – Ft. Gibson Post, Ft Reno, OK – Ft. Reno Post, Ft Spunky, OK – Ft Spunky Post, Ft Suppy, OK – Ft Supply Post, Ft Towson, OK – Ft Towson Post, Ft Washita, OK – Ft Washita Post, Fox, OK – Gee’s Groc & Hdw, Gamble, OK – Gamble IT Pickers token, Gray Horse, OK – O.T.R.R. Line, Guthrie, OK – Guthrie IT Saloon, Keota, OK – Silas Bass, Okay, OK – BLI & Co. Ice,
Oklahoma City, OK – Hotel Lee, OL (Olive), OK – Jim’s Barn & Stable, Pitcher, OK – Roy’s The Miners Store, SAC & Fox, Perkins, OK – Ferry token, Rock Falls, OK – Payne Trading Post, A.C. Reed Flying Circus (MO, OKLA, KAN, NEB.). Many of these tokens have the letters I.T. on them which stands for Indian Territory. Caveat emptor – Buyer Beware!