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Modern Video Arcade tokens or Game Tokens and the machines they were used in started springing up in the late 1970s and were most popular during the golden age of arcade games, the mid-1980s. During this time, arcades were so popular in the United States that school children could easily pass one or two on their way to or from school.

Arcades are not limited to video games only, though. Pinball machines and redemption games such as skee ball are also common in many arcades. There may be a counter where players can redeem the tickets earned at the latter for prizes ranging from free tokens, cheap toys to dolls and jewelry.

The video games are typically in arcade cabinets. The most common kind are uprights, tall boxes with a monitor and controls in front. Customers insert coins or tokens into the machines and stand in front of them to play the game. These traditionally were the most popular arcade format, although presently American arcades make much more money off deluxe driving games and ticket redemption games.

Arcade Token - The Original Hoppers Baton Rouge, LA Arcade Token - Grand Casino Coushatta Fun Zone No Cash Value Buhlow Lake Pineville, LA Crystal Palace Shreveport, LA

In the beginning Video Arcades made tokens with their company name and some times with a city and state. These arcades were more of a “Mom and Pop” type company located in small town America. However over the years large chains such as Chuck E Cheese have driven the small arcades out of business and now use a generic type tokens to operate machines. Older Chuck E. Cheese game tokens are a very popular today due to the fact that they had the location (city and state) on the tokens.

Arcade tokens are usually very low in price and a great starter colection. If you love arcade games either at the local mall or on the Internet, start a collection of arcade game tokens today. Below is a list of Modern Louisiana Arcade Amusement Tokens by Louisiana Trade Tokens Catalog number, name on token, shape and composition of the token.

  • 98-D/4 Discount Video Rd-B
  • 651-UL Circle Bowl Action Alley Rd-B
  • 651-G/2-05 Great Sutton Shows Rd-A
  • 651-G/2-25 Great Sutton Shows Rd-A
  • 651-H/3a Hopper’s Games Rd-B
  • 651-H/3b Hopper’s Games Rd-NP
  • 651-UL Laser Tag of Baton Rouge RD-NP
  • 651-S/8 Starcade Rd-B
  • 651-UL Starcade Rd-NP
  • 1155-Ea Pac-Shack Rd-B
  • 1155-Ea Pac-Shack (painted red) Rd-B
  • 2324-E-25 Paw Paw’s Rd-B
  • 2422-Aa Berry Game Room & Nacho Bar Rd-B
  • 2422-Aa Berry Game Room & Nacho Bar Rd-Np
  • 2464-Ka Space Castle Arcade Rd-B
  • 2464-Kb Space Castle Arcade Rd-Np
  • 2881-F England AFB Rd-B
  • 2882-UL England AFB Rd-Np
  • 3245-C Ft. Polk Rd-B
  • 3882-B Dixie Ven Co. Rd-S
  • 3882-UL The Palace Theatre 20 Rd-B
  • 3896-A The General Store Rd-B
  • 3896-UL The General Store Rd-Np
  • 4662-B Grand Casino Coushatta Rd-B
  • 4760-UL Acadiana Lanes Action Alley Rd-B
  • 4760-UL Acadiana Lanes Action Alley Rd-NP
  • 4760-G/1a Games Unlimited Rd-B
  • 4760-G/1b Games Unlimited Rd-NP
  • 4760-K/1 Kart Ranch Rd-B
  • 4760-UL Lafayette Lanes Action Alley Rd-B
  • 4760-P/3 Pizza Playhouse Rd-B
  • 4788-A/1 Atlantis Arcade Rd-B
  • 4788-UL Atlantis Arcade Rd-Np
  • 4788-C/8a Court Jester Rd-B
  • 4788-C/8b Court Jester (red) Rd-B
  • 4788-C/8c Court Jester Rd-Np
  • 4788-C/9 Court Jester / Eagle & Stars Rd-B
  • 4886-E Wentzell Amusement Co. Rd-B
  • 5579-A Grand Casino Avoyelles (RWM) Rd-B
  • 5579-UL Grand Casino Avoyelles Rd-B
  • 5579-UL Paragon Casino Resort Rd-B
  • 5582-G/25 JJ’s Rd-B
  • 5582-G/25 JJ’s Rd-Np
  • 5779-B/3 The Boardwalk Arcade Rd-B
  • 5779-UL Lafreniere Park Carousel Rd-NP
  • 5779-UL Laser Tag & Games Rd-B
  • 5779-L/5-01 Lucky Coin Machine Co. 1969 Rd-A
  • 5779-L/5-05 Lucky Coin Machine Co. 1969 Rd-WM
  • 5779-L/6-01 Lucky Coin Machine Co. 1970 Rd-A
  • 5936-UL Arcade America Rd-B
  • 5936-A/2 Arcade America Rd-NP
  • 5950-A Gordon’s Bayou Game Room Rd-B
  • 5950-UL Gordon’s Bayou Game Room Rd-Np
  • 6195-B Gold Nugget Rd-B
  • 6272-J Paradise Arcade Rd-B
  • 6272-UL Paradise Arcade Rd-Np
  • 6293-F/22 French Quarters 333 Bourbon Rd-B
  • 6293-UL French Quarters 333 Bourbon Rd-Np
  • 6293-P/4 Paddlewheel Nightclub Arcade Rd-B
  • 6293-UL Paddlewheel Nightclub Arcade Rd-Np
  • 6293-P/28a Pontchartrain Beach Rd-B
  • 6293-UL Pontchartrain Beach Rd-Np
  • 6293-P/28b Pontchartrain Beach red Rd-Ar
  • 6293-T/1-01 T A C Amusement 1969 Rd-A
  • 6293-T/1-05 T A C Amusement 1969 Rd-WM
  • 6293-T/2-01 T A C Amusement 1970 Rd-A
  • 6293-T/2-05 T A C Amusement 1970 Rd-WM
  • 6293-T/3-25 T A C Amusement 25¢ Rd-WM
  • 6293-UL Ziggy’s Rd-B
  • 6776-UL Fun Zone Buhlow Lake Rd-B
  • 6778-UL Fun Zone Buhlow Lake BiMetal Rd-B/Np
  • 7469-Ba Ruston Extra Play Rd-B
  • 7469-Bb Ruston Extra Play Rd-Np
  • 7469-C Ruston Extra Play Oc-Np
  • 7791-C/16a Crystal Palace Ticket to ride Rd-B
  • 7791-C/16b Crystal Palace Ticket to ride Rd-Np
  • 7791-C/17-25 Crystal Palace 25¢ Rd-B
  • 7791-UL Crystal Palace 25¢ Rd-Np
  • 7791-H/7 Hot Wheels Skatelend Rd-B
  • 7931-UL Sock-It-To-Me Baseball Rd-B
  • 8320-UL State Country Westbank Rd-B
  • 9114-UL Bayou Segnette State Park Rd-B

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