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One of the oldest and rare Louisiana Military Token is the pieces issued by Jackson Barracks. Nestled on 100 acres in eastern New Orleans, what is now Jackson Barracks was formed in 1834-1835 to give logistical support to the forts of the Mississippi Delta area.

Initially named the New Orleans Barracks, the post was renamed in 1866 in honor of General Andrew Jackson, hero of the Battle of New Orleans and seventh president of the United States. Today Jackson Barracks serves as headquarters for the Louisiana National Guard and a state-run military museum.

Jackson Barracks Military Token
Jackson Barracks Military Token – Jackson Barracks, LA

Other more modern Louisiana Military Tokens were issued by Barksdale AFB in Shreveport, Bossier Base in Bossier City, England A.F.B.
at Alexandria and Fort Polk near Leesville. All locations issued tokens. The tokens were used at the NCO Club’s or Officer’s Club at these military installations. Enlisted men and officers would borrow in tokens against next months paycheck to pay for drinks and food in the club’s.

N.C.O. Club Open Mess Barksdale A.F.B.
N.C.O. Club Open Mess
Barksdale A.F.B.
Shreveport, LA

N.C.O. Club Bossier A.F.B.
N.C.O. Club
Bossier A.F.B.
Shreveport, LA

N.C.O. Club England A.F.B.
N.C.O. Club
England A.F.B.
Alexandria, LA

N.C.O. Club Fort Polk
N.C.O. Club
Fort Polk
Leesville, LA

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