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The Masons issued medals, tokens and Masonic Pennies for a variety of reason. They are known in the collecting world as Masonic Pennies, Pocket Pieces or Chapter Penny.

To a Mason his chapter penny was his most prized possession. He carried it around in his pocket and so most of the time they are very worn. The Pocket piece was very similar to having a credit card today. It was given out when money was borrowed or when a service was rendered. Much of the time the pocket piece was not returned until all debt was repaid. Listed below are a few pieces in my collection from Louisiana.

LaSalle Chaper No.86 R.A.M.

Masonic Penny

1924 LaSalle Chaper No. 86 R.A.M.
Urania, LA

The R.A.M. indicates Royal Arch Mason. The date is the year that the chapter was chartered or Instituted

  • Alexandria, LA Keystone Chapter No.44 R.A.M. 1888
  • Athens, LA Athens Chapter No.46 R.A.M. 1993
  • Alexandria, Louisiana Keystone Chapter No.44 R.A.M. Feb 14, 1888
  • Baton Rouge, LA Istrouma Chapter No.92 R.A.M. 1950
  • Baton Rouge, LA Washington Chapter No.57 R.A.M. (no date)
  • Baton Rouge, LA Washington Chapter No.57 R.A.M. 2/3/1909
  • Bogalusa,LA Bogalusa Chapter No.61 Royal Arch Chapter 1911
  • Bossier City, LA Giblin Chapter (worn)
  • Bunkie, LA Evergreen Chapter No.41 R.A.M. Feb 16, 1876 (worn)
  • Bunkie, LA Evergreen Chapter No.41 R.A.M. (no date)
  • Clarks, LA Clarks Chapter No.78 R.A.M 1921
  • Columbia, LA Caldwell Chapter No.78 R.A.M 1921
  • Coushata, LA Coushata Chapter No.102 R.A.M.
  • Delhi, LA Delhi Chapter No.72 R.A.M. 1917
  • DeQuincy, LA DeQuincy Chapter No.79 R.A.M. 1922
  • DeRidder, LA Hines Chapter No.54 R.A.M. 1907
  • Donaldsonville, LA Ascension Chapter No.49 R.A.M. 1900
  • Eunice, LA Eunice Chapter No.73 R.A.M. 1917
  • Franklin, LA Cyrus Chapter No.12 R.A.M. 1851
  • Glenmora, LA Horeb Chapter No.74 R.A.M. 1851
  • Hammond, LA Hammond Chapter No.48 R.A.M. 1899
  • Homer, LA Joppa Chapter No.46 R.A.M. 1893
  • Jena, LA Jena Chapter No.86 R.A.M. 1925 (Same No. as Urania, LA)
  • Jonesboro, LA Mt. Hermon Chapter No.62 R.A.M. 1912
  • Kinder, LA Kinder Chapter No.65 R.A.M. 1915
  • Lake Charles, LA Lake Charles, Chapter No.47 R.A.M. 1896
  • Leesville, LA Vernon Chapter No.51 R.A.M. 1903
  • Mansfield, LA DeSota Chapter No.64 R.A.M. 1914
  • Melville, LA Pointe Coupee Chapter No.75 R.A.M. 1920
  • Minden, LA Minden Chapter No.55 R.A.M. 1908
  • Monroe, LA Monroe Chapter No.18 R.A.M. 1854
  • New Orleans, LA Gethsemane Chapter No.3 R.A.M. 1911
  • New Orleans, LA Jacoues De Molay Chapter No.77 R.A.M.
  • New Iberia, LA Girard Hope Chapter No.33 R.A.M. 1893
  • New Orleans, LA Orleans Delta Chapter Shekel
  • New Orleans, LA St. James Chapter No.1 R.A.M.
  • New Orleans, LA Concorde Chapter No.2 R.A.M. 1811
  • New Orleans, LA Babylon Chapter No.66
  • Oakdale, LA Oakdale Chapter No.71 R.A.M. 1916
  • Oak Grove, LA Oak Grove Chapter No.90 R.A.M.
  • Ponchatoula, LA Joseph Sinai Chapter No.(None) R.A.M. 1926
  • Shreveport, LA Shreveport Chapter No.10 R.A.M. 1850
  • Shreveport, LA Cedar Grove Chapter No.91 R.A.M. 1950
  • Shreveport, LA Queensborough Chapter No.97 R.A.M. 1883
  • Springhill, LA Springhill Chapter No.94 R.A.M. 1952
  • St. Franisville, LA Bayou Sara Chapter No.11
  • Tallulah, LA Tallulah Chapter No.67 R.A.M.
  • Welsh, LA Welsh Chapter No.50 R.A.M. 1900
  • West Monroe, LA West Monroe Chapter No.93 R.A.M. 1950/1951 (wanted)
  • West Monroe, LA West Monroe Chapter No.93 R.A.M. 1951/1950
  • Wilson, LA Wilson Chapter No.70 R.A.M. 1916
  • Winnsboro, LA winnsboro Chapter No.(none) R.A.M. 1923
  • Urania, LA LaSalle Chapter No.86 R.A.M. 1925
  • Urania, LA LaSalle Chapter No.86 R.A.M. 1925 (old version)
  • Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of Louisiana 100th Anniversary 1848-1948

Free and Accepted Mason’s and “I brought a brick” items

  • Arabi, LA Andrew Jackson Lodge No. 428 F. & A. M.
  • New Orleans, LA Dante Lodge No.174 F. & A. M.
  • New Orleans, LA Linwood Lodge No 167 F.& A. M.
  • Triumph, LA Triumph Lodge No.422 F. & A. M.