Louisiana Trade Tokens – To Trade

Below is a large list of Louisiana Trade Tokens that I will trade one for one for any Louisiana Trade Token I need for my collection. I can be contacted at gvfarber at AOL.com


7-G-01 Abbeville Pacetti Fish Co. 1c Rd-B
7-I-100 Abbeville Vermilion Savings & Loan Asso. $1.00 Rd-B
42-A-05 Adeline Adeline Store (Dug) 5¢ S12-B
98-B/10-05 Alexandria Horn of Plenty 5 Points Rd-Ag
98-L/1 Alexandria Loyal Order Of Moose Rd-A
98-M-UL Alexandria Metro Car Wash $1.00 Rd-WM
98-UL Alexandria Sheraton Inn Free Drink Rd-Pb
112-B/3-05 Algiers C. W. Bostrom Lunch Room 5 Rd-B
112-H/1-05 Algiers J. Hambacher 5¢ Rd-B
112-H/1-10 Algiers J. Hambacher 10¢ Oct-B
112-K/4-25 Algiers Jno. V. Kramme 25¢ Rd-A
112-L/2c Algiers La. Power & Lt. Co. Rd-Z
112-L/3 Algiers La. Power & Lt. Co. Rd-B
112-UL Algiers Mardi Gras World 1.00 Rd-A
266-A-05 Ansley Davis Bros. Lbr. Co. Ltd 5¢ Rd-B
266-A-10 Ansley Davis Bros. Lbr. Co. Ltd (worn) 10¢ Oct-B
266-A-25 Ansley Davis Bros. Lbr. Co. Ltd 25¢ Rd-B
266-A-50 Ansley Davis Bros. Lbr. Co. Ltd 50¢ Rd-B
350-A-25 Ariel Lalande & Toups 25¢ Rd-A
350-A-50 Ariel Lalande & Toups 50¢ Rd-A
392-C-10 Arnaudville Romain Meche & Son 10¢ Rd-B
392-C-25 Arnaudville Romain Meche & Son 25¢ Rd-B
392-C-100 Arnaudville Romain Meche & Son $1.00 Rd-B
392-D-25 Arnaudville Chas A. Olivier 25¢ Rd-B
392-D-50 Arnaudville Chas A. Olivier 50¢ Rd-A
392-D-100 Arnaudville Chas A. Olivier 1.00 Oct-A
392-E-05 Arnaudville Chas A. Olivier 5c Rd-B
392-F-05 Arnaudville Frank Olivier 5¢ Rd-B
392-F-10 Arnaudville Frank Olivier 10¢ Rd-A
392-F-25 Arnaudville Frank Olivier 25¢ Rd-B
392-F-50 Arnaudville Frank Olivier 50¢ Rd-A
392-F-25 Arnaudville C. Speyrer & Son 25¢ Rd-B
490-E-01 Avoca F. N. Carrier Stores 1¢ Rd-A
490-E-05 Avoca F. N. Carrier Stores 5¢ Rd-A
490-E-10 Avoca F. N. Carrier Stores 10¢ Rd-A
490-E-25 Avoca F. N. Carrier Stores 25¢ Rd-A
490-E-50 Avoca F. N. Carrier Stores 50¢ Rd-A
490-E-100 Avoca F. N. Carrier Stores $1.00 Rd-A
490-F-50 Avoca Little Texas Store MillikenFarwell 50¢ Rd-A
592-B-05 Barksdale A.F.B N.C.O. Club 5c Rd-B
592-G-05 Barksdale Field N.C.O. Club 5 Rd-WM
592-L-05 Barksdale A.F.B Bossier Base 5c Rd-A
592-L-25 Barksdale A.F.B Bossier Base 25c Rd-A
592-L-100 Barksdale A.F.B Bossier Base $1.00 Rd-A
651-B/5 (Baton Rouge) Baton Rouge Bus Co. Inc. one fare Rd-Wm
651-B/6 Baton Rouge Baton Rouge General Hospital Rd-B
651-B/8a Baton Rouge Baton Rouge Savings and Loan Association Rd-B
651-B/18-05a Baton Rouge Brunswick Club 5 Rd-B
651-G/7-05 Baton Rouge Grouchy’s 5¢ Rd-WM
651-L/3c (Baton Rouge) Lobo’s Trade Show Beer Pass Rd-Pew
651-M/2 (Baton Rouge) Metro Transit one fare Rd-B
651-M/5b (Baton Rouge) Morning Treat Coffee Rd-A
651-O1a (Baton Rouge) Our Lady of the Lake Hospital Rd-B
651-P/5 (Baton Rouge) Professional Center Rd-B
651-U/1 Baton Rouge Union Federal Savings and Loan Ass’n Rd-B
791-C-25 Belcher Stroud-McDade Co. 25¢ Oct-A
791-C-50 Belcher Stroud-McDade Co. 50¢ Oct-A
791-C-100a Belcher Stroud-McDade Co. $1.00 Oct-A
791-C-100b Belcher Stroud-McDade / Co.(unlisted) $1.00 Oct-A
826-A-100 Bellerose) Kessler Bros. $1.00 Oct-B
826-B-05 (Bellerose) Kessler Bros. (worn) 5¢ Rd-B
826-C-05 (Bellerose) Kessler Bros. (worn) 5¢ Rd-B
826-C-10 (Bellerose) Kessler Bros. 10¢ Rd-B
826-C-25 (Bellerose) Kessler Bros. 25¢ Oct-B
826-D-10 (Bellerose) Kessler Bros. (worn) 10¢ Rd-B
826-D-25 (Bellerose) Kessler Bros. (worn) 25¢ Oct-B
826-E-25 (Bellerose) Kessler Bros. (worn) 25¢ Oct-B
826-F-25 (Bellerose) Kessler Bros. 25¢ Rd-B
826-G-50a (Bellerose) Kessler Bros. 50¢ Rd-B
903-B-10 Bermuda Lambre Bros. Inc. 10¢ Rd-A
903-B-25 Bermuda Lambre Bros. Inc. 25¢ Rd-A
903-B-50 Bermuda Lambre Bros. Inc. 50¢ Rd-A
1533-B-05 Cameron Jumbo Shrimp Co. 5¢ Rd-A
1533-B-10 Cameron Jumbo Shrimp Co. 10¢ Rd-A
1656-05 Cavett J. W. Lynn 5¢ Rd-A
1656-10 Cavett J. W. Lynn 10¢ Rd-A
1656-25 Cavett J. W. Lynn 25¢ Rd-A
1656-100 Cavett J. W. Lynn $1.00 Rd-A
1687-B-05 Central Plantation Club 5¢ Rd-A
1855-B-50 Church Point Mary Daigle 50¢ Rd-A
1953-UL (Cloutierville) H. Cohen Cohenville Plant 50 Rd-B
2149-A-05 Coosa Cool Coosa 5¢ Rd-A
2296-I-25 (Crowley) Mayo La Grange 25¢ Rd-A
2324-C-25 Cut Off Mrs. Elie Ducos 25¢ Rd-B
2324-C-100 Cut Off Mrs. Elie Ducos 1.00 Rd-B
2383-A-05 Daspit Boudreaux Canel Store 5 Rd-A
2383-A-10 Daspit Boudreaux Canel Store 10¢ Rd-A
2383-A-25 Daspit Boudreaux Canel Store 25¢ Rd-A
2383-A-50 Daspit Boudreaux Canel Store 50¢ Rd-A
2383-A-100 Daspit Boudreaux Canel Store $1.00 Rd-A
2422-E-10 Delta (La) Robert Roggerson 10¢ Rd-B
2464-J-25 DeRidder Sofspra Car Wash 25¢ Rd-WM
2478-B-25 (Derry) A. J. Hertzog 25 Oct-B
2653-C-25 Dulac A. P. Cantrelle Dulac Plantation 25¢ S12-A
2653-C-80 Dulac A. P. Cantrelle Dulac Plantation 80¢ S12-A
2828-G-50 Ellendale Polmer’s Store 50¢ Rd-A
2856-A-05a (Elton) W.H. Tuper (red cardboard) 5c Rd-Cb
2856-A-10 (Elton) W.H. Tuper (Green cardboard) 10c Rd-Cb
2856-A-25 (Elton) W.H. Tuper (purple cardboard) 25c Rd-Cb
2856-A-50 (Elton) W.H. Tupper (white cardboard) 50c Rd-Cb
2856-A-100 (Elton) W.H. Tupper (white cardboard 1.00 Rd-Cb
2856-B-10 Elton W.H. Tupper 10¢ Rd-B
2856-B-25 Elton W.H. Tupper 25¢ Rd-B
2856-B-50 Elton W.H. Tupper 50¢ Rd-B
2856-B-100 Elton W.H. Tupper 1.00 Rd-B
2881-A-05 England AFB N.C.O. Mess 5¢ Rd-B
2982-A-10 Eunice Church of St. Anthony 10 Rd-A
2982-B-100 Eunice Eunice Band Mill 1.00 Rd-B
2982-UL Eunice J. S. Guillory 10? Rd-A
3171-B-01 Fluker R. A. Kent 1¢ Rd-A
3245-B-10 Fort Polk Fort Polk NCO Mess 10¢ Rd-B
3245-B-25 Fort Polk Fort Polk NCO Mess 25¢ Rd-B
3245-B-100 Fort Polk Fort Polk NCO Mess 100 Rd-B
3283-D Franklinton Franklinton Elementary (dug) 1 Lunch Rd-Z
3332-A-05 Frierson Frierson Bros. 5¢ Rd-A
3332-A-25 Frierson Frierson Bros. 25¢ Rd-A
3332-A-100 Frierson Frierson Bros. $1.00 Rd-A
3472-C-100 (Gheens) Gheens & Bros. 1.00 Oct-B
3472-D-50 (Gheens) Gheens & Bro. 50¢ Rd-B
3472-H-100 (Gheens) C. W. Gheens 1.00 Rd-B
3472-J-10 (Gheens) Golden Ranche Plant. 10¢ Rd-B
3542-E-05 (Glencoe) Sims & Giles (dug) 5¢ S12-B
3542-E-25 (Glencoe) Sims & Giles (dug) 25¢ Rd-B
3542-E-100 (Glencoe) Sims & Giles (dug) 100 Rd-B
3651-D-05 (Grand Calillou)Live Oak A.P. & M. Co. (DUG) 5¢ Rd-A
3651-D-25 (Grand Calillou)Live Oak A.P. & M. Co. (DUG) 25¢ Rd-A
3651-D-50 (Grand Calillou)Live Oak A.P. & M. Co. (DUG) 50¢ Rd-A
3668-C-01 (Grand Coteau) Grand Coteau High School 1¢ Rd-A
3668-F (Grand Coteau) Quality Bakery P.Chatrian (blue) 1 bread Rd-Cb
3668-G-05 (Grand Coteau) Quality Bakery T.Chatrian (red) 5¢ loaf Rd-Cb
3668-H-05a (Grand Coteau) Quality Bakery T.Chatrian (green)5¢ loaf Rd-Cb
3745-Va Gretna Westside Transit Lines Rd-WM
3479-B-05 Gibsland Waldron Lumber Co. 5 Rd-B
3882-K-05 Harahan N. R. Sampson 5¢ Rd-WM
3934-E-25 Harvey Harvey Trading Co. 25¢ Oct-B
3934-E-50 Harvey Harvey Trading Co. 50¢ Oct-B
4039-G-100 Hester Welham Store 1.00 Rd-A
4120-B-25 (Holden) Sims & Giles (dug) 25¢ Oct-A
4120-B-100 (Holden) Sims & Giles (dug) 100 Oct-A
4158-B-10 Homer J.L. Rogers Lumber Co. 10¢ Rd-B
4158-B-50 Homer J.L. Rogers Lumber Co. 50¢ Rd-B
4256-C/1-05 Houma L.J. Chauvin 5¢ Rd-B
4256-C/1-10 Houma L.J. Chauvin 10¢ Rd-B
4256-C/1-25 Houma L.J. Chauvin 25¢ Rd-B
4256-C/1-50 Houma L.J. Chauvin 50¢ Rd-B
4256-D/2-10 Houma A. M. & J. C. Dupont 10¢ Oct-A
4256-E/2-10 Houma Theo Engeron’s Store 10¢ S12-A
4256-E/3-05 Houma Excelsior Bakery 5¢ S10-A
4256-E/3-10 Houma Excelsior Bakery 10¢ S12-A
4256-G/2-10 Houma Gulf Coast Pkg. Co. 10¢ Rd-A
4256-G/2-05 Houma Gulf Coast Pkg. Co. (cut in half) 5¢ Rd-A
4256-G/3-10 Houma Gulf Coast Pkg. Co. 10¢ Rd-Fr
4256-G/3-05 Houma Gulf Coast Pkg. Co. (cut in half) 5¢ Rd-Fr
4480-F-05 Jeanerette J.A. Hutches 5¢ Rd-B
4480-F-10 Jeanerette J.A. Hutches 10¢ Rd-B
4480-F-25 Jeanerette J.A. Hutches 25¢ Rd-B
4501-K Jennings American Legion Hospital Radio Token Rd-Z
4501-L-05a Jennings Jennings Billiard Parlor 5¢ Rd-B
4571-A-05 Kaplan Noah F. Broussard 5¢ Sq-B
4571-A-25 Kaplan Noah F. Broussard 25¢ Sq-B
4571-A-50 Kaplan Noah F. Broussard 50¢ Sq-B
4571-A-100 Kaplan Noah F. Broussard 1.00 Sq-B
4571-B-05 Kaplan Noah F. Broussard 5¢ Rd-A
4571-B-25 Kaplan Noah F. Broussard 25¢ Rd-A
4571-B-50 Kaplan Noah F. Broussard 50¢ Rd-A
4571-B-100 Kaplan Noah F. Broussard 1.00 Rd-A
4571-C (Kaplan) Car Pride Car Washes Rd-B
4571-D-05 Kaplan Edlar J. Hebert 5¢ Oct-A
4571-D-10 Kaplan Edlar J. Hebert 10¢ Oct-A
4571-D-25 Kaplan Edlar J. Hebert 25¢ Oct-A
4571-D-50 Kaplan Edlar J. Hebert 50¢ Oct-A
4571-D-100 Kaplan Edlar J. Hebert 1.00 Oct-A
4613-B-03 Kenner B & C Super Market 3¢ Oct-Pgw
4613-B-07 Kenner B & C Super Market 7¢ Oct-Pew
4613-B-10 Kenner B & C Super Market 10¢ Oct-Pew
4613-B-18 Kenner B & C Super Market 18¢ Oct-Pwe
4613-B-25 Kenner B & C Super Market 25¢ Oct-Prw
4613-L-50 (Kenner) Jefferson Downs 50¢ Rd-WM
4634-F-25 (Kentwood) Yellow Pine Co. 25¢ Rd-A
4711-A-05 (Kessler) Guildive Plan’t 5¢ Rd-B
4711-A-10 (Kessler) Guildive Plan’t (reverse worn) 10¢ Rd-B
4711-A-25 (Kessler) Guildive Plan’t 25¢ Rd-B
4711-A-50a (Kessler) Guildive Plan’t (stars) 50¢ Rd-B
4711-A-100 (Kessler) Guildive Plan’t 1.00 Rd-B
4711-D-05 (Kessler) Star Plantation Kessler Bros. 5¢ Rd-A
4711-D-10 (Kessler) Star Plantation Kessler Bros. 10¢ Rd-A
4711-D-25 (Kessler) Star Plantation Kessler Bros. 25¢ Rd-A
4711-D-50 (Kessler) Star Plantation Kessler Bros. 50¢ Rd-A
4711-D-100 (Kessler) Star Plantation Kessler Bros. 1.00 Rd-A
4746-H-10 Labadieville Dolese Brothers 10¢ Rd-Cy
4746-H-25 Labadieville Dolese Brothers 25¢ Rd-Cp
4746-H-50 Labadieville Dolese Brothers 50¢ Rd-Cb
4746-H-100 Labadieville Dolese Brothers 1.00 Rd-Cr
4760-UL (Lafayette) Acadia Lanes Action Alley Rd-B
4760-D/1-05 (Lafayette) R. B. Dantzler (Saloon) 5¢ Rd-B
4760-K/1 (Lafayette) Kart Ranch Rd-B
4760-L/4-25a Lafayette LeBlanc Laboratories 25¢ Rd-WM
4760-L/4-25b Lafayette LeBlanc Laboratories 25¢ Rd-WM
4760-L/5-25 Lafayette LeBlanc Corporation 25¢ Rd-WM
4760-P/3 (Lafayette) Pizza Playhouse Rd-B
4760-ZZ/4 Lafayette Charles D. Arceneau 50¢ Rd-T
4788-J/1 Lake Charles Jay’s Car Wash Rd-B
4788-C/7 Lake Charles Coca-Cola Rd-B
4788-L/4 (Lake Charles) Lake Charles Transit Co. One fare Rd-B
4802-C-10 Lakeland Alma Plantation Ltd. 10¢ Oct-B
4809-A-50 Lake Providence Guenard Drug Co. 50¢ Rd-B
5138-C-05a Lions Graugnard & Reynaud 5¢ Rd-B
5138-C-10 Lions Graugnard & Reynaud 10¢ S12-A
5138-C-25 Lions Graugnard & Reynaud 25¢ S12-B
5138-D-50 Lions Graugnard & Reynaud 50¢ Oct-A
5138-D-100 Lions Graugnard & Reynaud $1.00 Rd-B
5243-A-04 Logansport Haslam Lumber Co. 4¢ Rd-B
5243-A-20 Logansport Haslam Lumber Co. 20¢ Rd-B
5278-UL Longstreet J. H. Ramsey & Son $1.00 Rd-CB (pink)
xxxx-UL Mamon, LA – J. S. Guillory $1.00 Oval-A
5466-D-25 Mamou Chas. La Haye 25¢ Rd-B
5481-Aa Mandeville Bechac’s Bottle Deposit Rd-A
5481-C-05 Mandeville E. Prieto 5¢ S12-B
5481-C-50 Mandeville E. Prieto 50¢ Rd-B
5523-B-25 (Mansura) F. Regard Dora Plantation 25¢ Rd-B
5530-G-05 Many The Rust Lumber Co. 5¢ Rd-B
5530-G-25 Many The Rust Lumber Co. 10¢ Oct-B
5530-H-10 Many Rust Lumber Co. 10¢ Rd-B
5530-H-25 Many Rust Lumber Co. 25¢ Rd-B
5572-B-50 Mark Levert Bros. 50¢ Rd-A
5579-UL Marksville Paragon Casino Resort Amusement token Rd-B
5747-A-25 Melrose J.H. Henry Melrose Store 25¢ Rd-B
5747-A-50 Melrose J.H. Henry Melrose Store 50¢ Rd-B
5779-H/1-100 Holiday Inn
5841-B-05 Millerville Ralph R. Miller Shows 5¢ Rd-B
5936-C/6 Monroe Collen’s Five Point Pharmacy 25¢ Rd-A
6020-H-01 Morgan City Jumbo Shrimp Co. 1¢ Rd-A
6020-H-10a Morgan City Jumbo Shrimp Co. 10¢ Rd-A
6020-H-10b Morgan City Jumbo Shrimp Co. 10¢ Rd-A
6020-K-50 Morgan City Morgan City Centennial 50¢ Rd-B
6020-UL J. L. Bertin Morgan City Bakery 1 loaf Bread Oct-A
6076-B-25 Mound F.L. Maxwell (meal) 25 Rd-B
6076-B-50 Mound F.L. Maxwell (flour) 50 Rd-B
6076-B-100 Mound F.L. Maxwell (meat) 1.00 Rd-B
6076-C-25 Mound Hecal Plantation (meal) 25 Rd-A
6076-C-50 Mound Hecal Plantation (flour) 50 Rd-A
6076-C-100 Mound Hecal Plantation (meat) 1.00 Rd-A
6076-G-25 Mound Maxwell-Yerger 25¢ Rd-B
6076-G-100 Mound Maxwell-Yerger 1.00 Rd-B
6076-H-05 Mound Maxwell-Yerger 5¢ Rd-A
6076-H-25 Mound Maxwell-Yerger 25¢ Rd-A
6076-H-100 Mound Maxwell-Yerger 1.00 Rd-A
6076-I-25 Mound Maxwell-Yerger 25¢ Rd-A
6076-D-05 Mound Killarney Plantation (worn) 5¢ Rd-B
6181-A-10 Natalbany Natalbany Lumber Co. 10¢ Rd-Bi
6181-A-25a Natalbany Natalbany Lumber Co. 25¢ Rd-Bi
6181-A-50 Natalbany Natalbany Lumber Co. 50¢ Rd-Bi
6181-A-100 Natalbany Natalbany Lumber Co. $1.00 Rd-Bi
6181-B-05 Natalbany Natalbany Lumber Co. (FWR) 5¢ Rd-Bi
6181-B-10 Natalbany Natalbany Lumber Co. (FWR) 10¢ Rd-Bi
6181-C-05 (Natalbany) Natalbany Lumber Co. 5¢ Rd-B
6181-C-10 (Natalbany) Natalbany Lumber Co. 10¢ Rd-B
6181-C-100 (Natalbany) Natalbany Lumber Co. $1.00 Rd-B
6195-C-10 Natchitoches Janin & Suddath 10¢ Rd-B
6202-A-10 Neame Sam Warwick 10¢ Rd-B
6272-D-05 (New Iberia) Elks Club (dug In New Iberia) 5¢ S12-A
6272-S-05 (New Iberia) Tom’s Casino 5¢ Rd-B
6272-UL (New Iberia) New Iveria (SIC) Council K. of C. 1208 1¢ Rd-A
6293-M-05 New Iberia The Rosary House 5¢ Rd-A
6293-A/10-100 New Orleans Alma Mach Co. 1.00 Rd-17
6293-B/1-82 New Orleans B-97 1982 Zeta 7-Up Co. 25? Rd-Ag
6293-B/19-05 New Orleans F. J. Bertucci 5? Rd-B
6293-B/13a (New Orleans) Bayou Novelty Co.(iron center) Rd-Bi
6293-C/16-05 (New Orleans) A. Casamento Restaurant 5 Rd-A
6293-C/55a-25(New Orleans) H.T. Cotham & Co. (Dug) 25¢ Rd-B
6293-C/55b-25(New Orleans) H.T. Cotham & Co. (Dug) 25¢ Rd-B
6293-F/10-100 New Orleans Federal Clothing Stores $1.00 Rd-B
6293-G/UL-05 (New Orleans) L. Genovese 5¢ Rd-A
6292-H/12a New Orleans H. G. Hill Stores Deposit Rd-A
6293-H/22-10 (New Orleans) Hotel DeSoto 10¢ Rd-B
6293-H/22-25 (New Orleans) Hotel DeSoto 25¢ Oct-B
6293-H/22-50 (New Orleans) Hotel DeSoto 50¢ S-12-B
6293-H/23 New Orleans Hotel Dieu Hospital (Parking Token Rd-B
6293-H/UL-05 (New Orleans) C Hereford (g/f 5¢ Bread) 5¢ Rd-B
6293-H/UL-05 (New Orleans) C Hereford (g/f 5¢ Bread)(diff die)5¢ Rd-B
6293-H/UL New Orleans Holy Rosary Cafeteria 5¢ Rd-A
6293-K/6 New Orleans Kenilworth Cinema 1 Child Rd-B
6293-L/3 New Orleans Lampadere Lounge One Drink Rd-B
6293-L/20 New Orleans Coco-Cola Bottling Co. Rd-B
6293-L/23 New Orleans Lucky Pierre’s One Dollar Rd-A
6293-L/26-05 (New Orleans) Luzianne Tea 5¢ Rd-B
6293-M/28-10 New Orleans McCrory’s (good for spinner) 10¢ Rd-A
6293-M/40-05a New Orleans Morning Call Coffee Stand 5 Rd-A
6293-N/20a (New Orleans) New Orleans Public Service Inc cash fare Rd-Wm
6293-N/20e (New Orleans) New Orleans Public Service Inc base fare Rd-Wm
6293-N-21a (New Orleans) New Orleans Railway & Light Co.cash fare Rd-Wm
6293-P/34-01a (New Orleans) P.S. Lunch Dept 1¢ Rd-A
6293-P/34-01b (New Orleans) P.S. Lunch Dept 1¢ Oct-A
6293-P/34-01c (New Orleans) P.S. Lunch Dept 1¢ S8-A
6293-P/34-01e (New Orleans) P.S. Lunch Dept 1¢ Oct-Fr
6293-P/34-01f (New Orleans) P.S. Lunch Dept 1¢ S8-Fr
6293-P/34-05a (New Orleans) P.S. Lunch Dept 5¢ Rd-A
6293-P/28a New Orleans Pontchartrain Beach Rd-B
6293-R/9-05 New Orleans Reliable Pool Room 5¢ Rd-B
6293-R/24-10 (New Orleans) F. Ricker 10¢ S8-B
6293-R/24-25 (New Orleans) F. Ricker 25¢ Oct-B
6293-R/36-05 New Orleans Royal Toy Store 5¢ Rd-A
6293-S/11-05 (New Orleans) St. Matthias School 5¢ Rd-B
6293-S-42b New Orleans Service Drayage Co. “L” Rd-B
6293-S/52-25a (New Orleans) St. Vincent DePaul Annunciation 25¢ Rd-A
6293-O/2-05 New Orleans Old Union Brew 5¢ Rd-WM
6293-V/13-05 New Orleans Vincent Coffee & Sandwich Shop 5¢ Rd-A
6293-W/1-01 New Orleans Wagner’s Super Market 1¢ Rd-A
6362-A-25 Norma C. Guillory (dug/worn) 25¢ Rd-B
6496-K-05b Opelousas Ned’s Bar 5¢ Rd-B
6496-M-25 Opelousas A. T. S. & Bros. 25¢ Rd-B
6636-A-05 Patoutville Patout & Patout 5¢ Rd-A
6636-A-25 Patoutville Patout & Patout 25¢ Rd-A
6636-A-50 Patoutville Patout & Patout 50¢ Rd-A
6643-G-05 Patterson M. E. Norman 5¢ Oct-B
6643-G-10 Patterson M. E. Normand (sic) 5¢ Rd-B
6811-UL Plaquemine Vincent Rinaudo 5¢ Rd-A
6811-E Plaquemine Citizens Bank & Trust Co. Rd-B
6811-F Plaquemine Citizens Bank & Trust Rd-B
6881-P/2-15 Ponchatoula Ponchatoula Public Schools 15¢ Rd-B
6923-A-50 Port Eads G. E. Henderson 50? Rd-A
7049-C-01 Raceland S. Abraham Co. 1¢ S8-B
7049-C-05 Raceland S. Abraham Co. 5¢ Oct-B
7049-C-25 Raceland S. Abraham Co. 25¢ RD-B
7049-G (Raceland) Leon Godchaux Co. One Meal Sq-A
7049-H (Raceland) L. G. Co. One Meal Rd-A
7049-I (Raceland) Leon Godchaux Raceland Plant. One Meal Rd-B
7119-G Rayne Auto-Bath Rd-B
7119-F-10 Rayne Waddy Arceneaux 10 Rd-A
7119-F-25 Rayne Waddy Arceneaux 25 Rd-A
7119-F-50 Rayne Waddy Arceneaux 50 Rd-A
7119-F-100 Rayne Waddy Arceneaux $1.00 Rd-A
7119-M-25 Rayne Mervine Kahn Produce 25 S12-B
7119-M-50 Rayne Mervine Kahn Produce 50 50-B
7119-N-10 Rayne Mervine Kahn Company (star) 10 Rd-B
7119-N-25 Rayne Mervine Kahn Company (star) 25 S8-B
7119-N-50 Rayne Mervine Kahn Company (star) 50 Rd-B
7119-O-05 Rayne Mervine Kahn Company (bowtie) 5¢ Rd-B
7119-O-25 Rayne Mervine Kahn Company (bowtie) 25¢ S12-B
7119-O-100 Rayne Mervine Kahn Company (bowtie) 100 Rd-B
7119-O-500 Rayne Mervine Kahn Company (bowtie) 500 S11-B
7119-T-05 Rayne Plattsmier-Hulin Co. 5¢ Rd-A
7119-V-05 Rayne Rimmer & Sills 5 Oct-A
7119-V-10 Rayne Rimmer & Sills 10 Oct-A
7119-V-25 Rayne Rimmer & Sills 25 Oct-A
7119-Z-05 Rayne H. J. Sills 5¢ Oct-A
7119-Z-50 Rayne H. J. Sills 50¢ Rd-A
7119-Z-100 Rayne H. J. Sills 1.00 Rd-A
7203-A-25 Reserve Chas. Alltmont & Bro. 25¢ Rd-Z
7203-A-100 Reserve Chas. Alltmont & Bro. $1.00 Rd-Z
7203-A-500 Reserve Chas. Alltmont & Bro. $5.00 Rd-Z
7203-B-05 Reserve Chas. Alltmont & Bro. (alum) 5¢ Rd-A
7291-A (Rita) Lockport Central sug. Ref. Co. gf 1 Meal Oct-A
7292-B-25 River Ridge St. Matthew The Apostle 25? Rd-A
7315-B-05 Robson J. E. Cupples & Son 5? Oct-A
7315-C-25 Robson W. V. Robson 25? Oct-B
7315-C-50 Robson W. V. Robson 50? Oct-B
7315-C-100 Robson W. V. Robson 1.00 Oct-B
7315-E-50 Robson W. V. Robson 50? Rd-A
7385-A-05 Rosa Hudspeth Bros. 5? Rd-B
7385-A-10 Rosa Hudspeth Bros. 10? Rd-B
7385-A-25 Rosa Hudspeth Bros. 25? Rd-B
7385-B-05 Rosa Hudspeth Bros. (22mm) 5? Rd-B
7532-E-05 St. James Raymond Walker 5 Rd-B
7532-E-10 St. James Raymond Walker 10 S12-B
7532-E-25 St. James Raymond Walker 25 Sq-B
7546-Ib St.Martinville Levert St.John Dinner Oct-B
7546-Ja St.Martinville Levert St.John one meal Oct-A
7546-Jb St.Martinville Levert St.John one watch Oct-A
7546-N-05a St.Martinville Talley Ice 5¢ S12-A
7546-N-05b St.Martinville Talley Ice 5¢ S9-A
7567-B-05 St. Rose St. Rose Hotel 5 Oct-A
7658-B-05a Scott Albert Bourque 5¢ Rd-A
7658-B-05b Scott Albert Bourque 5¢ Rd-A
7658-C-05 Scott Brandt’s Bar 5¢ Oct-A
7791-B-UL Shreveport Beckmann & Gerety (Circus Token) 10¢ Rd-B
7791-H/11-20 Shreveport Wm Huntley 20? Rd-B
7791-P/6 Shreveport Pioneer Bank & Trust Co. Parking Token Rd-B
7791-R/6-25 Shreveport Ross’s Wine Cellar 25? Rd-A
7791-S-05 (Shreveport) Cafeteria SHS 5? Rd-B
7791-S/16 (Shreveport) Shreveport Transit Co. Inc. student fare Rd-Wm
7854-B-50 Sims Kisatchie Lake 50? Rd-A
7961-A-100 (Sorrel) Sorrel Store (dug) $1.00 Rd-B
8162-C Sulphur Splash N Dash car wash token Rd-B
8204-A-25 Sunset A. J. Olivier 25¢ Rd-A
8204-A-50 Sunset A. J. Olivier 50¢ Rd-A
8204-A-100 Sunset A. J. Olivier $1.00 Rd-A
8225-UL-05 Sweetwater The Country Store 5c Rd-A
8225-UL-25 Sweetwater The Country Store 25c Rd-A
8246-A-05 Talisheek John H. Wood & Son 5? Rd-B
8330-A-05 (Theriot) C. X. Henry. 5¢ Rd-B
8330-A-10 (Theriot) C. X. Henry. 10¢ Rd-B
8330-B-10 (Theriot) C. X. Henry 10¢ Oct-B
8330-B-50 (Theriot) C. X. Henry 50¢ Rd-B
8330-B-100 (Theriot) C. X. Henry $1.00 Rd-B
8330-B-500 (Theriot) C. X. Henry $5.00 Rd-B
8330-B-1000 (Theriot) C. X. Henry $10.00 Rd-B
8330-C-05 (Theriot) St Eloie (reverse worn slick) 5 Rd-B
8330-C-10 (Theriot) St Eloie (reverse worn slick) 10 Rd-B
8330-C-25 (Theriot) St Eloie (worn) 25 Rd-B
8330-C-50 (Theriot) St Eloie 50 Rd-B
8330-C-100 (Theriot) St Eloie $1.00 Rd-B
8337-Eb (Thibodaux) Caldwell Sugars, Inc. One Meal Rd-A
8337-I Thibodaux Laurel Grove Co. One Meal Rd-A
8337-K-05 Thibodaux Laurel Grove Store 5¢ Rd-B
8337-P-05 Thibodaux O. J. Mire Co. 5¢ Rd-A
8337-Y-50 Thibodaux Waverly Store 50¢ Rd-A
8337-Y-100 Thibodaux Waverly Store $1.00 Rd-A
8621-B-50 Valentine E. E. LeBlanc 50 S12-B
8621-B-100 Valentine E. E. LeBlanc $1.00 Oct-B
8621-C-50 Valentine E. E. LeBlanc (alum) 50 S12-A
8757-D Violet E. C. Joullian Rd-B
9191-A-05 Winnsboro Franklin Service Station 5¢ Rd-A
9191-B-25 Winnsboro L.S. & J.M. Gravelle 25¢ Rd-A
9292-A-05 Zenoria Zenoria Lumber Co. 5¢ Rd-BI
9292-A-100 Zenoria Zenoria Lumber Co. $1.00 Rd-BI

Church Point J.E. Daigle $5.00 book
Church Point J.E. Daigle $15.00 book
Lake Charles Southern Amusement Co. $2.50 book
Lake Charles Southern Amusement Co. $5.00 book