Ararat, Louisiana

Just north of Lake Charles in Calasieu Parish and to the west of Hwy. 171 on Hwy. 378 (Sam Houston Jones Parkway) is located the area called Ararat. Ararat, Newton and Belfield form what today is known as Moss Bluff, a census-designated place that is a suburb of Lake Charles.

Today, if you went to Ararat you would see the Moss Bluff McDonald’s, Market Basket, Walmart Neighorhood Market and the Moss Bluff Public Library just down the street. That’s what is there now, but at the beginning of 1900 and until about 1930, there wasn’t much at this corner except a railroad depot and a saw mill.

The Lake Charles & Northern Railroad was incorporated in 1906, the purpose being to own and operate a line of railroad between the towns of Lake Charles and De Ridder. The line formed a part of Atlantic System of the Southern Pacific Company.

How the community of Ararat was named is not known. The name was probably given by the railroad. A great deal of logging was done in this area from the late 1800s until the 1930s and with looging you needed a railroad. By 1914 more families were moving north of Lake Charles into what would later be known as Moss Bluff. The community of Ararat continued to grow but somewhere along the way it lost its identity. Now Ararat is really the center of activity in what is considered Moss Bluff. If you look at a map of Calcasieu Parish you might find Ararat, and you will know what many Moss Bluff residents don’t know. You will know where the lost city of Ararat is to be found!

Source – KINFOLKS which is the quarterly publication of the Southwest Louisiana Genealogical Society, Inc.

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Ararat, Louisiana

Ararat, Louisiana

Ararat aka Moss BluffArarat aka Moss Bluff