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Louisiana Trade Token Links

Most Popular Collectibles At Auction
Your source for the most popular collectibles on eBay.

Tokens on eBay


National Token Collectors Association - NTCA is an educational, non-profit organization which furthers the hobby of collecting merchant trade tokens. Membership is $36.00 for one year and you get a very nice newsletter. Contact the secretary Clark Rohmer at obtokens@cfl.rr.com

Richard's Token Database
A searchable online Token Catalog. The Public Catalog is available to all vistors. The intent is to provide information about where these tokens were used (their attribution) and related data. This is a user contribution site and tokens from all states (and countries) are continually added. Users add the content which interests them, growing the entire site in the process.

Encased Collectors International
Web site of Encased Collectors International. No dues, check list of encased cents by state, articles, related links and more.


SOUTH CAROLINA [ Tony Chibbaro ]
South Carolina Tokens - the first and only website dedicated exclusively to South Carolina tokens, medals, and other miscellaneous collectibles. Buy this book South Carolina Tokens by Tony Chibbaro at his web site.

TEXAS [ David Durocher & Robert Stone ]
This site is dedicated to the collecting and preserving of our Texas token heritage. By following the use of tokens we can trace the growth of Texas from the Civil War through the Great Depression to the economic giant it is today. Many of these names now appear throughout Texas on buildings, parks, landmarks, and street signs. The names on these tokens, famous and infamous, bear silent witness to the men who built this state with blood, sweat, and determination.


Stephen P. Alpert
Stephen Alpert, dealer, collector. mail bids, books, tokens at fixed prices etc.

Ancient Gold
We buy and sell quality dug and non-dug civil war relics along with the latest TESORO metal detection equipment.
I am also interested in LOUISIANA TRADE TOKENS

Paul Cunningham
Cunningham Exonumia is dedicated to bringing you the widest selection of general exonumia in the areas of trade, Civil War, transportation and many other types of tokens, medals, casino chips, slot tokens, casino cards and other gambling memorabilia, phone and credit cards, ephemera of various kinds and reference books covering exonumia and numismatics and public, mail bid and internet bid auctions of same. At this site you will find, as time passes, our entire retail stock of exonumia.

C and D Gale
Has a periodic fixed price list of tokens. Usually lots of trade tokens and "better" items, but a little bit of everything. You can download catalog from their web page.

Rich Hartzog
Rich Hartzog, dealer, collector. AAA Historical Americana - World Exonumia, mail bids, books, tokens at fixed prices etc.

Bob Keck
Bob Keck collector. Information about joining NATC, books etc.

Keith's online token collection
I am a collector of all kinds of tokens. I currently have thousands of transportation, parking, game, car wash, and hard time tokens, although I am particularly interested in tokens from New York City.

Kenneth Humberston
Active collector of encased coins. I've been collecting encased coins since 1972 and now have about 711 of them. I am interested in talking with anyone interested in the same type of thing. Perhaps trading and/or buying. I'd like to get one in the shape of a teddy bear or heart.

Bob Reed
Bob Reed, dealer, collector, Has a list of items for sale on his web site.

Bob Reis
Since 1978 numismatics, etc. and dribbles of discourse, Buying, Appraisal & Attribution, Estate planning, Information, Discussion

"Fankhauser Encased Coins" by Bryan Ryker
Read an informative history of "The Penny Man", the most prolific creator of encased coins of all time, and view pictures of his work.

Bob Slawsky What is an exonumist? An exonumist is a person who collects or deals in tokens and medals. That's me! I am a dealer in these interesting pieces of history. I also deal in many other type of smalls as you can see by my offerings

Forrest Stevens
I'm interested in any information about arcade tokens, especially if there are "local" (as opposed to national chain) arcades near you that use custom tokens.

Michael Wehner
I collect San Francisco tokens and medals. If you have any to trade or sell, please let me know.

Woodstock Consolidated Services
Chuck & Nikki's Web Site
U.S. & World Coins, Philatelic Stamps, U.S. & World Error, Enameled, & Elongated Coins, (Love, Transportation, Car Wash, Arcade, Laundry, Parking, Casino, Stock tokens for collecting or current use, and for home game enthusiasts or business owners), and more is coming.

Go Metal Detecting.Com
Metal detecting and treasure hunting stories, tips, reviews, tutorials and popular forum. A great outdoor hobby, see pictures of our finds.


Most Popular Collectibles At Auction
Your source for the most popular collectibles on eBay.

Quail Egg Recipes.Com
Quail Egg Recipes, Quail Egg Sources and more!

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