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Dairy’s generally used tokens in one of two ways. The most common use was as a bottle deposit check. When a customer purchased a bottle of milk, he paid a deposit (usually five cents). When the bottle and token were returned, the customer would get back his or her nickel. This method of use declined with the increase in the popularity of plastic and paper cartons.

Another method was for a customer to make advance payment (much like at the bakery) and use the tokens for future purchases. In some cases, the tokens would be left at the front door or porch as a “note” to the deliveryman. Some dairies (none known so far from Louisiana) issued their tokens in different shapes to allow illiterate delivery men to “read” the order.

Reverse descriptions include “Good For 1 Pint”, “Good For One Quart”, “Good For 1 Pint Milk” and “One Gallon”.

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Good For One Quart of Milk

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