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Cardboard Trade Tokens were issued in sets with each denomination printed a different color. Like Coupon Books – Cardboard tokens were “generic” in that they were printed and a merchant could customize with a rubber stamp or simply by writing his name on the token. Again like Coupon Books they drawback was the lack of durability.

Most of the Cardboard tokens were round but a few are know to be rectangle.

Cardboard Good For Trade Token - Emile E. LeBlanc - Valentine, LA
Emile E. LeBlanc
Valentine, LA

Cardboard Good For Bakery Token - H. Nolting - New Orleans, LA
Cardboard Good For Bakery Token - H. Nolting  - Signature

H. Nolting
New Orleans, LA

Cardboard Good For Trade Token - Dolese Brothers - Labadieville, LA
Dolese Brothers
Labedieville, LA

Paper Ticket
Pontchartrain Beach – Amusement Park – New Orleans, LA

Some single-use tickets (such as theater admission and amusement park ride tickets) are taken from large rolls. These were generally convenience items and/or receipts rather than discount items or credit devices, and are not widely collected. They can usually be differentiated from coupon book items by the location of the perforations; these will be on the ends of the coupon. Collector interest in cardboard tokens and Paper Tickets is not as strong as it is for metal tokens. While the demand for these is not high, the supply appears to be quite limited. Further, merchants were more likely to burn the Paper Tokens when they went out of use, while there would be some inclination to hold onto a metal token.

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