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The method of use promoted by most Bakery’s followed the well-known “baker’s dozen” scenario. A customer would pay for twelve loaves (at five or ten cents each), and receive thirteen tokens. J. B. Robbins’ South Crowley Bakery went a step farther, selling their tokens at twenty-four for a dollar.

This practice would benefit both parties, since the customer would receive a discount while the baker had his payment in advance. The increased popularity and availability of store-bought bread combined with price instability for fresh-baked bread led to the demise of this use of tokens.

Reverse descriptions include “Good For 1 Loaf”, “Good For 5¢ Loaf of Bread” and “Good For 10¢ Loaf of Bread.

J. Hambacher Bakery Algiers, LA

Good For One Loaf of Bread

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